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track mood, reduce duplication and more!

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Why Metacortex (Video)


Whether searching content, monitoring employee satisfaciton, or tracking insider threats
We can help!

Remove Blockers

Search for experts, knowledge, and content

Reduce Attrition

Identify pain points, track mood, and imporve

Reduce Duplication

Notify employees of related projects and discussions

How it Works

All you have to do is deploy Metacortex and send
communications to the API. Our system does the rest!

Step 1: Deploy

Easily configure and deploy to your internal network


Step 2: Ingest

Send comments to our system, we do the rest

Ingestion API

Step 3: Search

Search for experts, content, mood and more

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Step 4: Integrate

Use the APIs to integrate with 3rd party apps


Our team

We have years of experience working on high priority problems at Fortune 100
companies as full stack engineers, data scientists, and designers.

Austin Walters


Vincent Chang

(Design Consultant)

Some FAQ

Frequently asked questions related to Metacortex


What is Metacortex?

Metacortex is a platform which identifies and categorizes expert and content based solely on conversations (comments) sent to it's APIs. It acomplishes this by processing every conversation with NLP (Natural Language Processing) and other ML techniques. From there, it can identify subjects, tone, mood, content being discussed, expertise and more.


How does Metacortex Scale?

It scales very well. Today, we can process approximately 70 comments per second per 2.2 Ghz CPU core provided, utilizing 210 Mb of RAM per process. For reference, the infrastructure cost for us to process all of Hacker News and much of Reddit, costs us less than $1000 a month.


What does the setup look like?

The Metacortex deployment process depends largely on the enterprise environment. The system itself only requires the ability to run python, ruby, and a postgreSQL backend. If you have the ability to launch a webservice, we can setup Metacortex in no time.


How do I get Metacortex?

Contact us, we'll be back to you as soon as possible! Given our minimal setup, we should be able to get a proof-of-concept going relatively quickly.

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